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Forest Hill consistently scores high marks from reviewers for outstanding services and amenities.

Hear what residents and staff are saying

Barbara Johnson
A woman truly at peace, Barbara Johnson doesn’t mince words when she talks about why she moved to Forest Hill almost 10 years ago when she was still busy, traveling the world. She knew that for her, peace of mind was having a comfortable home base to return to. She also doesn’t mince words when she shares how truly happy she is at having made the decision.

The Ericsons
A few mornings each week, Amy Ericson hurries downstairs from her apartment to join friends for a calming yoga class in the community’s Atrium Fitness Center. She says the routine is good for her physical and mental health. Her husband, Jon, looks forward to his personalized exercise routine, designed by Forest Hill’s certified exercise physiologist, Addison Edwards.

Tony Ayres
When Tony Ayres was an army scout in the Pacific theater during World War II, his mission was to assess the “lay of the land,” and report his findings back to his unit. More than 65 years later, Tony found himself trying to assess his own post-retirement landscape in Pacific Grove, California. He found that going it alone wasn’t yielding the results that please him – or his children.

Ted and Georgia Hollister
Ted and Georgia Hollister had no trouble making the decision to move to a full service retirement community. Their advice: Do it while you can, on your terms, and while you are still able to do all the activities you enjoy.

Eva Endrody
Hungarian-born Eva Endrody found a bit of both worlds at Forest Hill: the design and architecture of the European countries of her past, and a place of comfort and security for her future. But it was the feeling of safety and security that has truly made Forest Hill her home.

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