4 Ways Seaside Living Can Give You A Health Boost


For a variety of reasons, most people love spending time at the beach. Between the surf, the sand and the sun, the beach offers recreational options for nearly everyone.

But did you know that living near the ocean can also provide a variety of health benefits for seniors? Here are a few of our favorite reasons to consider seaside living.

Better Sleep

Have you ever noticed how well you sleep after spending a day at the beach? Your sound sleep comes courtesy of sea air, which contains healthy, negative ions that improve our ability to take in oxygen.

In addition, experts say, negative ions create a better balance in your body of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps control stress and your mood. Negative ions that reach the bloodstream are thought to cause serotonin-boosting biochemical reactions that assist in relieving stress and alleviating depression.

After a beach trip you probably feel more relaxed, which can help improve your sleep. Now you know why!

Help for Skin Conditions

If you suffer from skin problems like psoriasis — a chronic condition that leaves scaly patches on the knees, scalp and elbows — you may know that getting a little sun sometimes can help.

In fact, ultraviolet radiation is an accepted medical treatment for the condition; small amounts of UV from the sun can promote drying of the skin, causing the patches to fall off and the skin to heal.

Research has also found that seawater can help with dermatitis, an allergic rash often caused by common chemicals. The two main healing ingredients, potassium chloride and salt, promote healing of affected skin.

Seawater has also been found to improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

Motivation to Exercise

If you’re a regular exerciser, you know that getting moving in just about any location can reduce stress and provide a boost to physical and mental health. But heading to the beach for a walk or a swim may bestow even more benefits.

Experts say that by exercising outdoors near water, you may enjoy a bigger improvement in your mental state than if you work out in a crowded, noisy gym. When your brain gets a jolt of energy along with your body, you’re likely to exercise more often.

Rejuvenation of Body and Mind

The soothing sound of ocean tides actually changes the wave patterns in your brain, which helps you rejuvenate by entering a profound state of relaxation. And when you float in a horizontal stance in the ocean water, your blood moves from your lower limbs and throughout your body. Thanks to the increased circulation, your body gets more oxygen to your brain, making you feel more lively and alert.

By living near the ocean, you gain the upper hand in staying healthy with improved sleep, better skin conditions, pleasant encouragement to exercise, and feelings of rejuvenation. At Forest Hill, you can enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay, along with exceptional care, provided by service-oriented staff members. To find out more about our active seaside lifestyle, please contact us today.

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