5 Things to Know About Independent Living

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For many people, homeownership stands as one of life’s true joys. But what happens when maintaining a home begins to feel like a chore?

If you enjoy owning your home, you may not have considered a move to independent living. Once you begin looking into the advantages, you may find an overwhelming amount of information.

To help simplify your search, we’ve created this brief primer on the top five things to know about independent living.

1. You’ll Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

How do you plan to maintain your independence and vitality in the future? If you prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle that does not include household chores — and that gives you plenty of time for activities you enjoy — independent living may meet your needs.

In an independent living community, you trade the significant responsibilities of home maintenance for beautifully landscaped grounds, inviting common areas and a residence decorated to your liking. Courteous staff members typically tend to the daily tasks that make a house a home, from changing light bulbs and cleaning to mowing the grass and making repairs.

When the time comes for spring cleaning, you get to continue enjoying your normal daily activities as you leave the hard work to the team members in your independent living community.

2. You Choose the Space that Suits You

You may think that if you move to an independent living community, you will have only limited options for your residence. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In independent living, you can select among a variety of floor plans for the space and layout that best fit your personality and needs. In addition, you can choose between cottages and apartments. Whether you prefer a studio or a one- or two-bedroom residence, you’ll find your independent living residence appointed with beautiful, modern finishes.

Once you choose the ideal space for your needs, you have the freedom to make it your own with your furnishings and artwork. Your independent living residence will feel like home as you decorate with your treasured keepsakes and favorite pieces.

3. You’ll Benefit from a Range of Services and Amenities

Independent living provides a variety of services and amenities that support residents’ quality of life. Many services help residents reduce their daily responsibilities so they can spend their time with activities and people they enjoy. Landscaping, security, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation and dining are among the many services offered.

In addition, residents have access to a wide range of amenities that promote enjoyment and comfort. Common spaces such as libraries, fireside lounges, lobbies, billiards rooms, garden areas, reading and activities rooms and workshops provide opportunities for socializing and engaging in hobbies. Meanwhile, residents can enjoy delicious, chef-prepared meals in beautiful dining venues, along with stimulating workouts in on-site fitness centers.

Residents of independent living communities also gain peace of mind from around-the-clock security personnel, as well as security technology such as emergency alert systems.

4. You Need Never Feel Lonely or Bored

In your independent living community, you will find a seemingly endless array of opportunities for socializing, learning, having fun and engaging with others. Your community will offer a full schedule of interesting activities, including lectures, performances, socials, discussions, courses and more.

In addition, you can build friendships as you make use of the amenities throughout your community. If you enjoy exercise, you’re likely to meet likeminded individuals in the workout area and fitness classes. For those who enjoy engaging in stimulating conversation, you can chat with friends at dinner, in community spaces or during any number of activities.

If you consider yourself an introvert, you’ll find that you have plenty of private time in your own residence. And when you’re ready to get out and meet people, you can do so at your own pace.

5. You’ll Have Access to Additional Assistance

Individuals who move into independent living typically can manage their daily activities and do not need frequent medical assistance. However, in some independent living communities, you can access additional assistance — if and when you need it.

In a community with a full continuum of care, you’ll gain confidence that high-quality medical care is available if your health needs should change. Residents who can benefit from assistance with their daily tasks, as well as intensive, personalized medical monitoring and services, have access to nurses, support personnel and therapists.

When you choose an independent living community with a continuum of care available on the same campus, you ensure an easy transition between levels of support. 

Forest Hill, a full-service community on the Monterey Peninsula, offers a full continuum of care along with stunning views, a beautifully landscaped campus, and a variety of services and amenities. At Forest Hill, you’ll also enjoy our unique combination of classic architecture and modern conveniences. To schedule a visit, please contact us today.

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