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Winter Activities to Do with Your Grandchildren in Monterey, CA
Category: In the Community, Local Information, Seaside Living, Senior Tips
Grandparents playing with their grandkids in Monterey California
Spending time with your beloved grandchildren is special enough on its own. However, occasionally, you may want to get out and explore the sights and sounds around beautiful Monterey Bay. The next . . . Read More
Why Should I Retire in Monterey, California?
Category: Seaside Living
You've worked hard and deserve the retirement of your dreams. But where to find it? With so many options, the sky is the limit. We happen to believe Monterey, California, is the ideal place to . . . Read More
Guided Tours Around Monterey County
Category: Seaside Living
Monterey has a rich historical heritage with which few communities can compete. That’s part of its charm and part of its mystique. Throughout the county, the story of its intensely deep heritage is . . . Read More
Take Advantage of Seaside Living: Things to Do in or Near the Water
Category: Seaside Living
If you’ve spent time near the water, you know the healing benefits it can bestow. From fitness pursuits to watching wildlife to simply enjoying the waves, the seashore provides a range of . . . Read More