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Will Senior Living Communities Fully Adopt Telehealth Nursing?
Category: Skilled Nursing
A lot of smart people have been searching for ways to make top-quality medical care more accessible, have lower costs, reduce hospitalizations and ease the strain on the healthcare system. Now, . . . Read More
When Should I Move to a Skilled Nursing Community?
Category: Senior Care, Skilled Nursing
Hospice Nurse visiting an elderly male patient
Deciding on the best time to move to a supportive living community can be challenging. When is the right time, and what level of support will provide the benefits you want to make your life easier . . . Read More
What to Look For In A Retirement Community: 5 Considerations
Category: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing
Five retirement community considerations.
Finding the right place to live is always tricky. Whether you’re trying to find an apartment or a house, there are a number of things you should be considering. Is the place near good restaurants, . . . Read More
What is Alzheimer's Like for My Parent?
Category: Senior Care, Skilled Nursing
Hospice Nurse visiting an elderly male patient
If you have a parent with Alzheimer’s disease, you might sometimes wonder what life is like from his or her perspective. Does the person you have known and loved all of your life still exist behind . . . Read More
What You Need to Know About Skilled Nursing vs. Assisted Living
Category: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Senior Care, Skilled Nursing
Choosing the right living option for yourself or for someone you care about can be confusing. Several types of living options are now available for older adults, and each has its own benefits. Two of . . . Read More