Get social! 5 good reasons to start using social media today


In 2000, only about a sixth of seniors used the Internet. Now, more than half do so. And among those seniors who are online, more than half are using Facebook. Seniors are indeed taking social media by storm, representing one of the fastest-growing age groups to use the modern world’s preferred method of keeping in touch.

If you’re not already using social media, there are lots of good reasons to consider diving in.

Keeping up with family and friends

There’s a simple reason that most people use social media: keeping up with what their family and friends are doing. Seniors are no different; those who use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media services want to be privy to the daily lives of their loved ones and old friends alike.

A large segment of the population now documents their lives with short postings, and many seniors want to see these updates for themselves.

Sharing photos and videos

Social media is really all about photos and videos. If your niece just had a baby, it’s extremely likely that she’ll post photos on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, you’ll have to wait for the photos to be emailed or, worse, printed and mailed. With social media, you can see photos, videos and more immediately.

Pursuing interests

Whatever you’re interested in, there are groups on social media talking about it. If you’re into crochet, acrylic painting, speed walking, fishing or anything else under the sun, you’ll find others who are interested in the same thing hanging out on Facebook and other social media services. Getting involved with social media affinity groups is a great way to supplement your hobbies.

Staying active in the larger community

It’s not just individuals who maintain social media presences. Your town probably has a page, as do your local and state elected leaders. If you’re interested in learning more about a candidate, social media is the place to do it these days.

Keeping informed

Many people now use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites as their primary news destinations. Just follow the news sources you like — local or national TV news stations, newspapers, magazines, news websites and more — and you have an easy-to-access news feed that lets you stay up-to-date quickly and easily.

It’s time to get social!

If you’re not yet chatting and browsing on Facebook and other social media, consider giving it a whirl. Keeping up with loved ones, pursuing your hobbies and staying informed are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience.

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