Significant Benefits and Value of CCRCs


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) provide multi-level care plans that cover medical and personal needs from independent living to assisted living and skilled care housing. All levels of care at a CCRC—also called a life-care community—are on the same campus. Residents who are healthy enough to live independently can live with vitality in apartments, cottages, townhouses, or condos, depending on what your community offers. If you or your loved one should need a little help with daily activities such as personal hygiene or cleaning, assisted living arrangements are available on-site. If skilled nursing or rehabilitative care becomes necessary, that is also on the same grounds. You can go from complete independence to advanced care all at the same address.

Neighborhood feeling

A CCRC set you up for a much easier transition if needed later in life. Instead of moving from independent living to an entirely different location for assisted living, prevents unnecessary upheaval and emotional challenges that can negatively affect your health. A life-care community is like its own neighborhood. You don’t have to worry about giving up the familiarity of a community or losing connections with neighbors and friends who have come to mean so much. This can be particularly beneficial for couples. Should one spouse need rehabilitative care, for example, the other partner would still live close by. In fact, they would be just a short walk away. This can benefit both persons in terms of emotional well-being and physical health.

Do your homework

In any situation involving such a big lifestyle change, it is essential to perform thorough research and analysis. A key component of research is to consider all potential expenses—both those you incur now and what you would expect in a continuing care community. For example, some of the costs you may pay now would no longer be an issue at a CCRC. These include utilities, groceries, grounds and maintenance costs, housekeeping, fitness club fees, entertainment expenses and so on.  If you add other benefits such as lifelong learning opportunities, shopping excursions, transportation to appointments, and other services, the value of a CCRC looks even stronger, and can actually save you money and unnecessary financial stress.

Overwhelming family recommendations

To really do your homework, talk to residents and their families. A survey conducted a few years ago found that 93% of family members would recommend their loved one’s community to other potential residents. Perhaps more important, more than three-quarters of the same respondents believed the services provided were a good value compared to the fees paid.
Forest Hill, in Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula, is in a setting quite like no other CCRC in California. If you would like to learn more or arrange a personal tour, please request our senior living guide book and get in touch with us. We would love to show you more of the benefits and value of CCRC living.

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