Why Amenities Matter for Your Senior Living Lifestyle


Many people who move to senior living communities do it for the security of quality health care in the future. Services and amenities may seem like icing on the cake, but they play a significant role in your lifestyle as you age.

As you consider a move to a community like Forest Hill, take time to review the services and amenities the community offers, and consider how they may contribute to a fulfilling, maintenance-free lifestyle for you in the future.

Fitness center

Most senior living communities offer fitness facilities. However, not all fitness centers are the same. If possible, talk with the community’s wellness director about the overall wellness program and how you can reach and maintain your personal health goals.


These days, many people read ebooks on a multitude of mobile devices. Still, having a library in your community can significantly contribute to your quality of life in the future. If you love to read, there’s nothing quite like going into a physical library where you can browse books in person.

Housekeeping and maintenance

A major benefit of choosing a senior living community is a maintenance-free lifestyle. With services like housekeeping provided and maintenance staff available any time you need them, you’ll have much more time to focus on the people and activities you love.


Before you choose a senior living community, you’ll want to visit the various dining venues. Try to have both lunch and dinner in the main dining room, and choose different entrees each time. If the community offers a cafe or other casual dining, have lunch or coffee there. Perhaps no other area of the community will impact your daily life as much as dining, and you want to make sure a specific dining program fits with your personal tastes and preferences. If you have any specific dining restrictions, talk with staff about how they can accommodate your needs.


Security is a major attraction for many senior living communities. With security staff on campus, you’ll gain peace of mind as you age. Security features like a gated community or secure parking can provide you with extra confidence as you go to and from your car and your residence.


Some communities have full-time, dedicated technical staff who can assist you with issues in your residence. These highly trained staff members also ensure that the technological perks of your community — like high-speed Internet — remain up and running.

Community spaces and activities

Auditoriums, meeting rooms, lobbies, classrooms, gardens — these community spaces indicate a social environment. As seniors age, loneliness and isolation can become a problem, and experts blame them for a variety of negative health outcomes. A significant benefit of living in a community like Forest Hill is the wide variety of social opportunities and stimulating activities.

Don’t just choose a community — choose a lifestyle

As you consider senior living communities, pay special attention to amenities and services. The presence of a library, community spaces, security, great dining venues, maintenance and IT staff, housekeeping and other perks will play a significant role in your lifestyle as you age.


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