Why Should I Retire in Monterey, California?

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You’ve worked hard and deserve the retirement of your dreams. But where to find it? With so many options, the sky is the limit.

We happen to believe Monterey, California, is the ideal place to retire, and here are seven reasons why:

1. Monterey promises a wide array of cultural experiences.

Visit Monterey and it will feel like something exciting is happening every day … and that’s because it is! Take your pick of festivals, celebrating every culture and holiday imaginable, or enjoy any of the 40,000 acres of beautiful, plush vineyards. Choose from many cuisine options from around the world, or take any number of adventure tours. Hike the redwoods and meet new friends while going horseback riding on the beach. There is literally always something to do if you are looking. And if not? Monterey promises the luxury of relaxation.

2. Monterey possesses unrivaled natural beauty.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Gabilan Mountains with 99 miles of gorgeous coastline, Monterey is truly a destination worthy of a postcard. In fact, many people think Monterey is the most beautiful spot in the country. So why settle for anything less? Whether you are living in or visiting Monterey, it’s hard to find yourself in a spot without a good view. We dare you to try!

3. Monterey offers the perfect ticket to the great outdoors.

If you enjoy being outside in lovely weather (or if you’d like to become someone who does), Monterey is the right spot for you. Basically, Monterey is the place to live if you love nature. Monterey boasts some of the best and most beautiful parks and beaches world-wide. You never need to stay cooped up inside. With over 36 parks, you’ll always have shores, wetlands and forests to explore. Take friends or family on a hike or enjoy the most beautiful Sunday afternoon drive, the choice is yours.

4. Monterey boasts good access to medical care.

California’s unprecedented commitment to world-class health care is on display in Monterey. With fantastic doctors and surgeons in every specialty, you will find the care you need. If moving to Monterey means you’ll need to find a new doctor, have no fear. Monterey has options galore and is proud to offer some of the best healthcare in the country. You may just find your new favorite doctor in Monterey.

5. Monterey offers quick access to everything you need.

Whether you are looking for shopping and dining options, or you’d like to discover the perfect dog-walking path for your favorite furry companion, Monterey has what you need. No long drives or frustrating commutes! It’s all within an arm’s reach. You can quickly and easily access Old Fisherman’s Wharf or enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting. Grab dinner with a friend or make a trip to visit your doctor. Monterey makes everything accessible. And yet, at the same time, it doesn’t feel crowded.

6. Monterey maintains a reliable, comfortable climate year-round.

Let’s break it down. Though the average rainfall in U.S. cities is 39 inches every year, Monterey gets only 16. In addition, the average U.S. city sees 26 inches of snow yearly, while Monterey gets zero. Monterey maintains pretty similar temps year-round and only has measurable precipitation 40 days out of the year. Leave the winter blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder behind once and for all! No adjusting and re-adjusting to the seasons. You’ll barely need an umbrella.

7. Monterey has some of the best people.

People who travel alone to Monterey say they forget they are alone because of the friendliness of the locals. Though it isn’t a small town, it feels like a small town with access to some of the best places in the state. Monterey businesses boast some of the best ratings country-wide because of their friendly customer service, and, therefore, they attract people from all over the world. Monterey, quite simply, is beautiful and diverse. Your new best friends await your move.

Come live where other people merely vacation.

Looking for the perfect place to live and retire? Stop by and see us today! We are located in Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula, and we think we have what you are looking for! Forest Hill is a full-service retirement community unlike any other. Our location is picturesque, with the core of our community being housed in an elegantly renovated historic hotel, built in 1924. You’ll find that we combine the best of modern convenience with classic appeal. Residents enjoy breathtaking views of both the Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean in a community with unique architectural features, beautiful landscaping and a variety of apartments and cottages. (See for yourself here.) We’d love to talk to you about how we can make your retirement dreams a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

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